Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year of 2011

 I have a lot to say on here and a Bon Iver mix will help me get through writing this post. 2011 has been a good year to me. The beginning of it was a bit rough with calling of my wedding and everything...That was definitely the low. But there have been so many highs that it will be a hard one to top. This year, I turned 23 years old. I am an adult and am starting to run out of reasons to be childish. That is something hard to let go of! I married the one man who has brought me more happiness than I could have imagined here on this earth. We went on a sweet honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and bought a home together. We have spent the year getting used to being first time homeowners. Sometimes we just sit down and soak it all in. We are incredibly blessed. We went on a fun camping trip to Fish Lake and then Flaming Gorge in a matter of two weeks. We put in a sprinkler system and backyard for the first time. We welcomed a niece into this world in October. She is beautiful and I am excited to watch her grow. We also have a new nephew! He is in Australia so hopefully we will be able to meet him soon. Being an Aunt is so much fun. For Thanksgiving, we went on a very fun vacation to Florida which included seeing Gran Gran and Paw Paw, Harry Potter world, Mosi Science Museum, Bush Gardens and canoeing with alligators. It was so much fun and gave me a week to relive some of the best times of my childhood. I absolutely love my grandparents. I wanted to spend a week with just the four of us so Miles could get to know them and that I would have these memories to hold on to forever. We split up our first holiday between in laws. I love Mile's family and am very blessed to have such wonderful people to celebrate things with. It is difficult being away from family for the first time but I am lucky to have such great in laws! I got promoted at work to a position I have wanted since I first started at 1-800 Contacts. I am their Corporate trainer and am a salaried employee for the first time ever. My job has brought me not just financial stability,tuition reimbursement and a husband but also a lot happiness. It has been a huge blessing in my life for so many reasons. As I sit here and think back on 2011, I have everything I could ask for. I am exactly where I want to be and am so happy with the things I have accomplished so far in my life.   Miles and I know there will be trials and I am sure they will come soon but right now, we are seriously living the good life. I will know provide a timeline with pictures in case people don't make it through this novel. haha!
Went through the temple for my endowment. A day I will always remember and something that strengthened my testimony in the gospel.
Your wedding day is something you dream of your entire life and I can honestly say that mine was everything I hoped it would be.
Honeymoon- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Spent a whole week with my new husband, no responsibilities, the beach and all the food we could ever eat. Do you really need anything else
Our cute new home that we are so blessed to call our own. We are living the American Dream!

Fish lake for the big Dunn- Lord yearly camp trip. I love Fish Lake and this family tradition. It is so beautiful and relaxing. 
Yearly Flaming Gorge trip with Mile's friends. This will now be a staple in our summer memories. The picture sums up exactly how it feels there, free, careless, great weather, perfect water. I love this place!
I chopped all my hair off and my cute husband turned 27! Threw him a soccer themed birthday party.
My awesome husband wanted to end our summer with a fun little get a way. We stayed at the Ellerbeck Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake City. It was perfect.
Welcomed Brielle Jane Fullerton into the world. My beautiful niece.
Had Butter Beer at Harry Potter World. It is delicious!!
Our super fun vacation with Gran Gran and Paw Paw. We are grateful for their health and hospitality. They are so fun to spend time with and we love them!
Canoeing with the alligators. We felt like the Swamp people! haha
Annie and my mom came in to stay with us for a week. It was the best. We stayed up all night making Peppermint Bark for my coworkers. I love these two more than anything, I really treasure the times we are all together.

Miles and I had our first Christmas as a married couple. It was so fun decorating our  house for Christmas!

Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger! My dad and Kaye were married this year so we have yet another addition. She is great and we already love her.

Our house looked so warm and cozy with our Christmas decorations! We love our new tree :)
Last we had a wedding! Zach Dunn married Becca on December 29th. It was a great way to end the year. We are excited for the cute new couple. Marriage is the best.
The Garden after the wedding

Well, this was the longest blog ever but it was really for Miles and I to be able to look back at a great first year of marriage. We have done so much together already and I can't wait for our next adventure. 

2011, we will truly miss you. You have been good to us. 2012, you have a lot to live up to!

Happy New Year everyone!

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