Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yard update!

There have been some improvements made on the backyard! Mile's dad came over with the John Deer to help clear and level the yard. They worked all Saturday on it and we really appreciated his dads time. Now for the photos!

Now that the backyard is all dirt, we have to spray it to keep the weeds down and the find time to put in sprinklers

We have also finally installed blinds!! Which our neighbors are probably very grateful. Only took us 2 months!

 Our house is really coming together. We are getting more and more furniture as we can afford it and the decorating is slowly starting! I think i'm taking my time because I want it to be stuff I really love. I have already bought three pieces are furniture that were returned because I changed my mind haha. I'm hoping  I will just come home one day and it will be completely decorated. Until then, it's fun deciding what will look good!

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