Friday, January 13, 2012

Shout outs!

I think I will do shout outs every once in a while. These will include products I love, people I love and just things in general...that I love.


This girl:

This hottie turned 26 this week and I love her.
Next shout out:

My sister introduced me to this hidden gem. It's the waxey feel that I loved about Burtsbees but it also has oils that moisten your lips as well. It is the BOMB and I love it.

Moving right along:
Eye Pot. It has changed my world. You put it on before your eyeshadow and it makes your eye shadow stay all day long without creasing. It has changed my face and I love it.

This guy:

I started school this week and found my time limited. I came home after a long day this week and the house was clean, dinner for the next day prepared and flowes on the table. He takes care of me and I love him.
 This show:

Miles doesn't laugh out loud. But alas, I have finally found a show where we can both LOL together. I always embarrass him in movie theaters with my laughter. It's nice to hear a chuckle out of him!

That should do for right now. If you haven't checked any of these things out (for the exception of my husband) you should definitley do so! My sister is available so feel free to check her out as well.

Until next time!

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  1. Haha Emma, I love the last post about your laugh! It's definitely one of a kind, but it's great!