Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Project.

 Miles and I have let our yard go just a little bit. We have been so preoccupied with getting our house together that we haven't shown much love to our backyard. After three weeks of having our lawn mowed by neighbors, we got the hint that lawns are important in this neighborhood. We bought our first red, shinny lawn mower and prepared to go to town on our weeds. Here is our new toy.....

Here are some before pictures so you can see what we are working with.

Miles mowed while I pulled and I have to say I am very happy with how much we got done on our first day. It felt really good working with our hands and working on our house. That night we talked about how much more the house felt like ours. It is a little difficult grasping the idea of home ownership. I have always had a landlord and so knowing this is ours and we can do whatever we want with it has been a different experience. We have such fun plans for our backyard and I can't wait to watch the progress and best of all, see the finished product!

Here is us working hard! Some may ask why I am dressed from head to toe working in the blazing sun. We moved to the lovely city of Lehi which is close to the lake which = mosquitoes. With all my efforts they still managed to bite me through my clothes and cover me with bites. You just can't win with these guys!! It's worse here than it was in Georgia!!

(this little area had a nice friendly surprise for me in the form of a snake. I screamed. It was scary.)

(I enjoy killing weeds.)

It was a really fun day working outside with Miles and we are falling more and more in love with our house (and each other, hehehe)! Here are the after shots of Day 1.

I have decided that I like posting pictures more than actually writing. They are fun to have and something my journal could never keep.



  1. I love it! We need to work on our backyard too!

  2. Emma, I'm waiting for an update. :)
    - Marianne