Sunday, June 19, 2011

My dreams.

Hello friends,

Today is Miles and my 1 year anniversary and we have been married for a little over a month now. Hip hip hooray! It was today a year ago that I was sitting at work and I got a sweet instant message from him asking me to be his girlfriend. If you haven't noticed, the internet has been very important in our relationship. haha, but at the time i thought it was pretty adorable. Especially because he was sitting behind me. Love you Miles!

Moving along...

Here are my inspirations for the house. I always knew the kind of style I liked but didn't know the words to describe it. I have decided my taste falls under French cottage and shabby chic.

I love everything about this look. From the white, clean, smooth accents to the exposed brick. If I could, I would buy a 1920's home with the original doors and windows. My mom recently purchased the most adorable house similar to one I've dreamed of. They are doing a great job fixing it up but still keeping it's original charm. I always imagined myself in this sort of home and hopefully one day I will. For now, I live in Lehi. Our house is very new, neutral and more of a western style. It has taken me a while to be inspired but I am starting to find things I like by still adding the touch of style that I love. I am incredibly blessed to be in the home we are in and I am starting to really enjoy the journey of decorating. I am not letting the colors or style of the home stop me from adding my sense of style to it!

On a very exciting note, Miles and I finally broke down and bought nice pillows. After 5 years of looking, I finally found the perfect pillow :) I own over 20 pillows. I love pillows. Miles used to call me the pillow lady while we were dating because I lived in a basement with tons of pillows. He knew how important it was to me and we finally went to bed bath and beyond and bought him the "back and stomach" sleeper while I got the "side sleeper". I am having a love affair with my pillow. If I could, my bed would look like this.

This is what my heaven looks like:

Until next time!

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